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River Stone Lawns


Are you needing to sell or rent your home but the weeds and garden beds are an eye sore?
WE CAN HELP! (208) 697-8245


Do you have an empty lot your trying to sell but the weeds and Goat heads are making the lot undesirable?
WE CAN HELP! (208) 697-8245


Are you a home owner and have just become overwhelmed by the amount of weeds that have taken over your gardens or are looking for a change in mulch or rock?
WE CAN HELP! (208) 697-8245


Are you moving and trying to get your deposit back but the garden beds, lawn, and weeds have gotten out of control?
WE CAN HELP! (208) 697-8245


River Stone Lawns:
We pull weeds, clean out rock and mulch, lay weed barrier, re-rock and or mulch.
We haul furniture, tree limbs and junk in general. We can help you get your deposit back or make your home look more desirable and increase property value.
Call or text to set up an appointment to get a free estimate.
Openings are filling fast.


Send me a private message, call or text to 208-697-8245

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