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Firearms at the Western Idaho Fair?

You Betcha!

Are you planning on attending the Western Idaho Fair?

Come play up your wild side at the Western Idaho Fair, August 16-25! 10 days full of concerts, carnival rides, entertainment, competitions, and fair food are calling you to Expo Idaho this summer.

Concerned about safety? Worry not, you are allowed to protect yourself in Idaho.

Not only does Idaho law allow firearms to be carried nearly everywhere, but it also allows all adult residents to carry them without a permit.

Idaho became a constitutional carry, also called permitless carry or unregulated carry, state in 2016.

This means any Idaho resident 18 or older may carry firearms or other weapons without a permit anywhere in the state as long as the person is not a felon or otherwise legally prohibited from having firearms.

Idaho Second Amendment Alliance President Greg Pruett protects Idaho citizens by empowering them with the truth.

Have Fun, Be Safe, and Enjoy the 2019 Western Idaho Fair!

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