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Treasure Valley Business is a user-generated web directory and marketplace specifically for people who want to connect with and learn more about businesses in their local community. Booking appointments, reservations, buying products or services from local Southwest Idaho businesses can be done directly from the business listings webpage.

It’s for everyone! All types of people, anyone looking for great locally owned Southwest Idaho businesses offering appointments, reservations, products, services and more. 

Local Boise area business owners can create a free listing of your business profile. Effectively, each listing becomes a beautifully designed web page on our site and includes information such as: descriptions, location, web/social media feeds, gallery images, video and much more.

Once approved, each listing will immediately become a part of the directory and be searchable and bookable.

Visitors to the site can search the ever-growing directory to discover Boise area businesses in their communities and book appointments, make reservations, or buy products and services.

You can list your business by using the “Add Listing” link ( on the upper right hand corner of our website. During the listing process, you will be asked to create a FREE account on

Having a website is great. However, your website is likely visited mostly by people who already know about your business. Listings on TVB’s  searchable directory enables your business to reach new audiences and connect with others who may not already know about you. It will also expand the online footprint of your business and provide an inbound link back to your site.

Our site is made for people who love and support local businesses and charities. A listing on TVB is searchable and bookable. It’s a great way to promote your business, sell products and services, offer appointments, reservations and more to the greater Treasure Valley community and beyond. 

Even if you have a great website, a listing on will improve your business online footprint. Besides, it’s FREE!

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