The best way to manage your business webpage on TVB is by claiming your Treasure Valley Business listing and creating a business login. It’s a great, free way to engage the Treasure Valley community.

Why Should I Claim my Business?

By claiming your business listing webpage, you control your branding message, ensuring all of the information related to your business is current and correct. Not only will you be legitimizing your business and showing that it is real, you will also be unlocking a range of benefits such as enabling a leads contact form, reaching new customers through local searches, funneling traffic back to your website and growing your following on social media, and responding to reviews. In addition, you will have the option to increase your online visibility by promoting your free business listing. When you promote your business, you get preferred homepage listing placement, are advertised in special sections throughout the site, and rank at the top in all search results.

How to Claim

If you are the owner of a business that is already in the directory and you would like to complete your business listing webpage, you need to first claim your listing. You can do that by going to your business page and clicking on the “Claim listing” link.