About TVB

David Parise

Admin/Business Development

Luke Parise

Customer Support Specialist

Here at TVB our mission is to empower, uplift, and support the Treasure Valley community. We provide (free) mobile optimized business listings that drive more traffic, and help attract more customers to your business website. We’re proud to support a number of local nonprofits. Local businesses can also help support them by purchasing our “community fundraiser” business promotion package.

We believe in paying it forward and giving back to others, so when businesses promote for a cause,  they get the following  benefits:

  • Featured Homepage listing
  • Rank at the top in search results
  • Advertised throughout the site
  • Show Our Support …to the charities that work tirelessly to uplift others & protect those that cannot protect themselves.

We endeavor to raise $500.00 for the Non-profit The Closet.

How it Works

  • 15 businesses join us in our desire to support The Closet.
  • Promote your (free) business listing by purchasing the “Community Fundraiser” package.
  • The Treasure Valley Business directory will pay $500.00 to The Closet.

Let's Do This!